Starbucks® Teavana™


Only Starbucks brings you premium quality Starbucks® Teavana™ teas that are handcrafted to create the perfect cup, every time. Whether you enjoy hand-shaken iced tea, flavourful tea lattes or a simple cup of brewed hot tea, it’s a celebration of artistry in every sip.

  • Black Tea  - Perfect for early mornings – Put some pep in your step with these bold, robust teas. High caffeine.
  • Green Tea - An invigorating afternoon pick-me-up. Brighten your day with a refreshing cup of smooth, springy goodness.  Medium Caffeine.
  • White Tea - When you need a moment of “me time.” Treat yourself to light clean flavours and a boost of antioxidants. Low Caffeine.
  • Herbal Infusion - An excellent choice for evenings. Try a flavourful infusion made from herbs, spices and flowers instead of tea. Caffeine Free.