Mastering the Art of Coffee

Coffee Ambassador: graduate of Coffee Master program

Boot Camp for Baristas

Ever wondered why some of our Baristas are wearing black aprons instead of the usual green ones in Starbucks stores? It means they are Coffee Masters. Experts in all things coffee and trained to be the best of the best.

Just like some people love languages or beautiful landscapes, others exist who hold a deep passion for coffee. We like to think anyone can be swayed by the call of the bean, and that’s why we open our Coffee Masters programme to anyone who joins Starbucks as a Barista (also known as partner); even if they don’t know crema from their cappuccino.*

From their first day, partners are shown the ropes and led down the tantalising path of taste and texture. We take them on a journey to the different growing regions around the world and help them develop a true connoisseur’s palate from the start. Not only do they learn the basics about coffee and its rich history, but how to craft their own coffee and demonstrate this knowledge to you in-store.

For some Starbucks partners, however, this is simply not enough. They want to breathe, sleep and dream coffee and are interested in achieving our highest level of recognition – the Coffee Master. These diligent partners will have to pass five rigorous levels of Coffee Master training, be judged by experts in the field, create perfectly composed drinks and even speak at the annual Starbucks conference.

Because for Coffee Masters, this is their lifeblood, their passion and their mission.

Luckily for you, these masters of overflowing knowledge are also tremendously helpful and willing to guide you to your perfect coffee. Best yet, they’re present in your Starbucks across Switzerland. So learn about coffee from the best – come and meet our Coffee Masters and discover your perfect beverage.

Are you wondering why our barista in the photograph is wearing a brown rather than a black apron? It's easy to explain: Andrea is our Coffee Ambassador 2012. And what does that mean? She has been elected to represent all our wonderful Coffee Masters this year which entitles her to wear the Coffee Ambassador apron. She will be delighting our customers and partners (employees) with her knowledge and her unparalleled passion for the world of coffee for the next 12 months.

* (DID YOU KNOW? Crema is a thin layer of foam at the top of a cup of espresso).